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Longclaw replica

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Specifications:Overall length:106cm

    Blade length:82cm

    Handle length:24cm

     Heavy sword:1.7kg

    Material : Stainless Steel

Be aware that the sword is made out of steel , it is NOT sharp , however ,  its purposes are for decoration only. We are not responsible for any accidents

"It's my father's sword, and his father before him. The Mormonts have carried it for five centuries. It was meant for my son, Jorah. He brought dishonor to our House... but he had the grace to leave the sword before he fled from Westeros."
―Lord Commander Jeor Mormont
Longclaw is a Valyrian steel sword that was the ancestral weapon of House Mormont for five centuries.
Years later, Jeor gave Longclaw to Jon Snow as a reward for saving his life from a wight. Before giving it to Jon he had the pommel remade, replacing the bear with a direwolf, the sigil of House Stark.