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World of Warcraft Frostmourne real replica

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"Whomsoever takes up this blade shall wield power eternal. Just as the blade rends flesh, so must power scar the spirit."
—The inscription on Frostmourne's pedestal

Frostmourne was the runeblade that Ner'zhul, the Lich King, thrust from the Frozen Throne, intending that Arthas Menethil — his unwitting potential host — would discover it on the continent of Northrend. It was wielded by Arthas, the new Lich King, until it was destroyed by Tirion Fordring following his defeat in Icecrown Citadel.

Specifications:Overall length:108cm/120cm
                     Blade length:72cm/77cm

 Bladmaterial:stainless steel

Handle:Zinc alloy metal